The mission of MAD is to initiate, support and accompany sustainable socio-political change within the arts. Fundamental and effective change requires a good and stable foundation which growth can be possible.

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DOOL will increase at the moment with an erasmus+ programme with five different countries. 

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It is an inclusive school project for children and young people, about the body und all of its diversities, eccentricities and possibilities. Furthermore, it is about one's respective ability to express one-self  through the body. 

Jattle, BAM + poetry

Artists participating in Jattle, BAM & Poetry attempt to perform without using solid forms or predictable movements. There are only the following rules: two teams made up of dancers, musicians and poets, engage and inspire each other in a creative process of improvisation.


MellowYellow has been awarded with the Peter Pichler Preis 2022 !

We were delighted to receive this award, on behalf of all the MellowYellow artists and producers, together with the nominators of our project Lucia Urban & Thomas Plötzeneder.

We are very grateful to the MEGA Bildungsstiftung for this honor!